Felix Anaut

Spanish born artist Felix Anaut (1944) currently lives and works in Valencia, Spain. After 20 years based in France, he transferred the studio to its new location in 2021.

Anaut has had considerable success and recognition, being embraced warmly by the European art scene, and further afield, exhibiting widely in both private and public sectors. Works are held in numerous public and private collections worldwide, including the British Museum (London), the Ulster Museum (Belfast), Casoria Contemporary Art Museum (Naples) and Musee Marzelle (S.W. France) to name but a few.

Anaut started his artistic studies at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, finishing studying at the Ecole de Montparnasse d'Art et Dessin in Paris in 1978–79. After Paris he returned to Madrid to continue painting, followed by time spent living in Tangier and Ibiza (1982–83). During this period Anaut developed his interest in abstract painting, largely inspired from Arabic calligraphy.

In 1983, after studying a course on the history of porcelain at Christie's in London, Anaut remained in the UK, ending up settling in Belfast, where he co–founded a contemporary art gallery with his partner. During the seven year duration of the gallery, Anaut dedicated less time to his artwork, however continued to paint and exhibit sporadically.

From 1990 onwards he lived between London and Spain, returning to painting full–time. During this period he concentrated on the development of strong figurative works, he defines as 'Monumental Figurativism'

In 2001 he transferred the studio to South West France, continuing with his powerful figurative works, and also rekindling his interest in abstract painting. During the 20 years in France Anaut developed his investigation of 'Visual Music' inspired by his passion for the Baroque, and the concept of 'Synaesthesia', the merging of different artistic expressions, collaborating with musicians, singers, poets.

He also started experimenting in ceramics, one of his passions, in collaboration with the ceramicist Raimundo Abio (Ceramicas Abio) in Huesca, Spain. The result of which has been a huge success.

Notable events over the years include:

In 2000, Anaut was invited to exhibit in a show titled 'Los Artistas', with works by Picasso, Miro, Bacon and Anaut, hosted by ARTTANK, Belfast.

In the winter of 2003 Anaut participated in the Florence Biennale, where he won the award 'Lorenzo el Magnifico of the city of Florence' for his artistic career, in front of some 890 artists from around the world.

2005 saw his participation in the foundation of the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, in Casoria, Naples. Works remain in the collection.

In 2006 he was listed in the Spanish national newspaper, El Mundo, in their supplement of the '500 most influential Spanish people, 2006', under the Arts section.

The same year he had a monumental exhibition titled 'Bacchanal – Art or Decadence' at the Raymond Farbos Contemporary Art Centre in Mont de Marsan, France.

In 2009, the 'Zaragoza Symphony', an exhibition hosted in the artist's birth city, with a musical composition based on the artist's work in collaboration with the composer Gonzalo Alonso and soprano Marta Almajano.

2010 saw the publication of the book 'Felix Anaut, his life and work', with an interview between the artist and art collector Michael Simonow, plus a full panorama of illustrations giving a wide representation of the artist's work over the years.

2011, an exhibition of recent works in the Christian Bernard Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

2012, 'Melodias Vascas' exhibition of paintings and ceramics in Bilbao, hosted by BBK Foundation.

2014, 'Ten years of Abstract Painting, 2003–13', works from the Simonow collection, in the Abbaye Flaran, South West France.

2016, the exhibition and video 'Synaesthesia' in London, hosted by Zimmer Stewart Gallery, which included a video collaboration with the poet Lemn Sissay and actress Diana Rigg.

In 2021, before transferring the studio from France, an agreement was reached with the 'Commune' of Moncrabeau, in S.W. France, for the donation of artworks and foundation of ECFA (Espace Culturelle Felix Anaut), a permanent space with a large collection of the artist's works. This centre will in the future also host parallel art events, exhibitions by other artists, concerts, etc. A building has been acquired for the purpose and is being converted into a contemporary art space. The proposed opening is in 2024.

Portrait by Isabelle Souriment